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St marys labyrith_church &  benches.jpg


St. Mary's has a WALKING PATH OF PRAYER, a LABYRINTH, here in the heart of our island. . . .  

While we work on a more permanent solution, two of our congregants, Cindy Belt and Mark Cappelino, have created a temporary labyrinth open to all Islanders. 

"For those of us who may miss the physical presence of our familiar church buildings and grounds, it can act as an anchor in this unsettling time."

Here's the full story as reported in The Shelter Island Reporter. 

Visitors are encouraged to walk the labyrinth -- it is located behind the church. Simply follow the driveway that leads to the back parking lot.


Please practice safe distancing during the ongoing COVID-19 situation. 

It's wonderful to walk on Crescent Beach,

take a trail on The Mashomack . . .

but there's something different and sacred about walking this path.

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