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Meet the Vestry

The vestry is the legal, canonical, and fiduciary
 “board of trustees” for the church.

The Rector is chairman of the Vestry. Wardens, elected for up to three consecutive two-year terms, are the lay chairs of the Vestry, and have canonical authority for the parish when the rectorship is vacant. Members are elected for up to two consecutive three-year terms. Governed by national and diocesan canon law, New York State Religious Corporation law, and our own by-laws, the Vestry leads the parish in setting policies and goals, maintaining the buildings, and raising financial support for the mission of the parish.

Carolyn Fisher
 & Kimberlea Shaw Rhea


Cindy Belt

Lorraine Miller
Robert Springsteen
Wendy Turgeon

(one position open -- would you like to serve?)

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