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Ham Dinner-Jane, Barbara & Barbara in ki

Episcopal Church WOMEN (& men:) 

Episcopal Church Women (ECW) and note that men are welcome!

Some of the organizations we give back to through what we do at St. Mary's:

Citizens Advisory Board; Sr. Nutrition/Meals of Wheels; S.I. Ambulance Foundation; ELIH; S.I. Food Pantry; S.I. Public Library; East End Hospice; S.I. Community Chorus;  Gift of Life; The Retreat; S.I. Education Foundation
 St. Mary's: Capital improvement; Altar Guild; Gifts & Honorariums; Needlepoint Project; Organ maintenance; Discretionary Fund; Music; Vacation Bible School; S.I. All Faith Youth"
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ECW?" Literal interpretation being: Episcopal Church Women. We see it in a more contemporary emancipated fashion: "All the women of St. Mary's are ECW members (I guess you could say guys too)."

Affectionately called the "ECW" these people are often the glue that holds our fabric together. The events they hold not only bring the community into our doors but the funds they raise are used for the good of our community, our diocese and our parish.

Some events that make our ECW renowned are:
   •    The ST. NICHOLAS FAIR and CAFE including our famous cookie walk.



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