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Most of us at St. Mary's have some idea as to what we are kneeling TO, but we don't often think so much about what we are kneeling ON.


I was reminded of this when I spoke with the late Dorothy 'Dot' Ross in 2018 about a contribution of four new kneelers to our already wonderful existing collection. Apparently this project began in the early 1990s and continues to today. 

Dot explained that the longer Altar kneelers were created first by Jean Hawley, Jody Thompson, and Jody's mother, Lilo Koma. Since then there have been a whole cadre of needle pointers (Belle LeReau, Jody Thompson, and Dot Ross herself) who have created individual kneelers -- with painstaking hours dedicated to producing these works.

Dot then further described how many of these works reference friends we know and love on the Island. One kneeler honors Alice 'Allie' Fisk, another Walter Brigham, while others simply speak to the distinct beatuy and natural habitat of our island. Others like the recent dragon kneeler have an international slant.
We will be featuring some of these kneelers off and on and this page is produced in appreciation to these unsung artisans whose work and craftsmanship adds so much to our St. Mary's experience.

October 2018 UPADATE! We received four new kneelers with various themes: "OPREYS" "HOLY SPIRIT" "ANGLICAN" and a pillow in tender memory of a Shelter Islander who lost their life to "OPIOID ADDICTION."  Thank you to those who donated these new kneelers.



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