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altar bare at St. Mary's Jan. 2020 by Me

The Season of LENT

This Sunday's Lenten Service - CLICK HERE.


Lent is a time when we pull back and examine our lives --  think about those 40 days where Jesus wandered alone in the wilderness and was subject to temptation.


How might our lives be more full and meaningful by our daily prayer, actions and convictions? Such a time can humbly bond us together in our common humanity, suffering and joy -- preparing our hearts and minds to embrace resurrection of spirit.

In post-COVID times, we look forward joining again in community fellowship for: the PANCAKE SUPPER on Shrove Tuesday, followed by The Burning of The Palm Branches, a short ten-minute service where we burn the palms from last year and begin the season of Lent in earnest. Ash Wednesday follows . . . and then . . .

HOLY WEEK and EASTER . . . resurrection!

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